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Mio Amakusa

She mainly paints and draws images of women and bodies on transparent paper and tracing paper. He also creates three-dimensional objects using cloth, stuffed animals, ceramics, etc. In the past few years, he has created paintings in which the layers are reversed, drawing from the back on transparent paper. Works include the ICON series, which is based on portraits of sick and wounded soldiers, and "Still-life," which shows the profile of girls fluttering on bridges in Koganecho, Yokohama, which was once a blue-light zone. With keywords such as "gaze", "things to be seen", "weakness" and "memory", he aims to create works that "scoop up what is left over from history".

Born in Saitama,Japan
2012       BFA, Musashino Art University
2014       MFA,Musashino Art University

Solo Exhibition

2014  "SENTIMENTALGAG"/ Shinjuku-ganka gallery, Tokyo,Japan
2016  "Method for Catching her"/ Shinjuku-ganka gallery, Tokyo,Japan
2019  "her name is"/ Shinjuku-ganka gallery, Tokyo,Japan
2022  "Icon of The Days Gone By" / JINEN-Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2023  "Unwrapped body" / JINEN-Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Group Exhibition / Artist in Residence

2017       BankART Artist in Residence 2017 / BankART NYK, Kanagawa, Japan
2017-19  Koganecho Artist in Residence / Koganecho, Kanagawa, Japan
2018       Koganecho AIR 2017 Exhibition / Koganecho, Kanagawa, Japan
2019       Gunma Biennale for Young Artists 2019 / Gunma Museum of Modern Art, Gunma, Japan
2019       Koganecho Bazaar 2019 / Koganecho, Kanagawa, Japan
2020       "Diaphanes" / RED AND BLUE GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan
2021       Haruna-Lake Artist Residence / Gunma, Japan
2022       Pays'art Artist Residency Program / Marnay-sur-Seine, France
2023       Space Sharing Program (Craft2023) / Chateau Koganei 2F, Tokyo, Japan


2014       Laboratory Award / Musashino Art University Graduation Exhibition
2019       Selected 
Award / Gunma Biennale for young artist 2019

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