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Once upon a time, in a certain country, a very beautiful princess was born.
The king loved her so much. he had a painter and he painted many portraits of her.
The painter was so impressed by the beauty of the princess and painted her portraits with all their might.
However, while painting one of the portraits, he became so nervous and forgot to draw the princess's pinky finger. 
And he was killed by an angry king.
The painting, however, was so beautiful that it brought tears to everyone's eyes.

When the princess turned 15 years old, she married a prince from the next country.
The prince also loved the princess as lovely as a flower, and he took her painting with the princess.Among them was a picture of a princess with no pinky finger.

Somewhere along the line, in the pinky finger of the painted princess, there was an insect we have never seen before.
The insect looked like a moth or a butterfly, but its color was bright red.
Even after killing one of them, they would always come back from somewhere.
The princess was so disgusted that she ordered the that painting to be put away somewhere.

After a while,
the princess cried out that her pinky finger hurt.
The prince called in fortune tellers and doctors from all over the country to find the cause, but they had no idea what it was.
The prince had no choice but to ask the witch, who was hated throughout the land, and she told him that the painting had been eaten her pinky finger.
The prince took out the painting and found that the little finger was swarming with winged insects.
The princess's pinky finger was no longer sore.

But the next day, the princess cried again, saying that it hurt.
When the prince looked at the painting, he saw the winged insect again.
But this time, it was inside the painting.
The feather bug inside the painting could not be exterminated.
Then he told the painter to fill in the feather with paint.
The pain of the princess was gone when the feather bug was painted out.
However, the winged insect soon emerged. The prince, annoyed, decided to destroy the painting.
The painter, using a large brush, covered the princess's hand in the painting with white paint.
Instantly, the princess cried out.
When the prince turned around, he saw the princess's hand.
To his surprise, the princess's hand was gone.
He hurriedly ordered the painter to paint her hand again.
the painter to paint her hand again.
When the painter painted the hand, the princess's hand was completely restored.
The hand of the princess was completely restored.

The next day, the princess cried because of a pain in her chest.
The prince looked at the picture and saw that a winged insect was sucking the blood from the princess's heart.
The princess's face in the painting also turned completely white.
He ordered the painter to crush the feather bug and paint the princess's chest again.
However, the princess's pain persists.
The painting of the winged insect came to life again.
The prince, out of sheer determination, took the black paint from the painter and painted the wings on the princess's chest.
Then the princess's cheeks turned rosy and her lips.
Her honeyed lips smiled,
her blue eyes sparkled like jewels,
her hair shimmered like threads of gold.
The princess's cries of pain stopped.

The princess turned white,
And she never woke up again.

2013(Contributed to "Psychic Painting" by Hideyuki Nagasawa)

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