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Words Around Production - 2022


I mainly use the technique of drawing from the back on transparent paper.

In order to capture the interplay between the front and back of the painting, and the "innards" inside the painting, he draws from the back side of thin film paper, creating a mixture of the viewer (spectator) and the seen (painting). I am drawing for


Peinture is a feminine noun in French. This "feminine noun" is nothing more than a grammatical assignment that has nothing to do with actual gender. But for me, painting was very feminine, and that was the basis for this technique.


When I paint, I am always behind the painting. Drawing from the reversed back side feels like drawing bones, internal organs, and the skin that wraps them. The layers of paint are similar to making a human figure out of clay. What people can actually see may be only the surface of the closed painting (body). Gradually, I began to look not only for the two sides, front and back, but also for what lies in between.







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