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At my elementary school, we had rabbits.

The rabbit we had often went missing.When I checked the shed, I found that it had not been eaten by the mother rabbit, but had gone somewhere else because it had dug a hole too deep.Usually I found it by digging with an excavator in the middle of the school yard. Occasionally, lizards would also be found in the same place.Tomoko Aida was a keeper, but she hated animals.She especially disliked rabbits, which she said gave her the creeps.She said, "Rabbits are ruled by aliens. She was very cute and had dimples when she laughed. Then, when Tomoko Aida went away to clean the breeding shed, and the grape vines at the west end of the schoolyard were dying, the principal chose me to take her place as keeper.There were more than 50 rabbits. And single-mindedly digging in the corners of the room. I had put up a board to prevent them from digging in the schoolyard, but most of them were charging toward the wall. I didn't think the rabbits were cute or creepy. Let's just get on with the cleanup and go home." I had just finished sweeping up the droppings when I felt something bump against my leg. I looked down at my feet and saw that the rabbit was covered in it.It had been in the corner of the room just a moment before.I looked around the hutch and saw that it was covered in rabbit.I looked around the hutch and saw that the floor was covered with feces and food. The whole area was covered with rabbits, rabbits, rabbits; there should have been about 50 rabbits, but there were more than a hundred. I found myself stranded in the evening darkness. No one is in the schoolyard, which I can see through the netting.The number of rabbits still seems to be increasing. The hole was probably not sealed, and the rabbits are coming back from somewhere as if they are overflowing. Anyway, I get out of the hutch and call the principal. The schoolyard, which I can see through the netting, is empty.I stepped out of the hutch, stepping on the rabbits from time to time. Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, gurgling.Strangely enough, the rabbit was not crushed when I stepped on it.It swelled up and bounced off my foot like a rubber ball. Rabbits don't get squashed, do they? As I left the hut, I saw someone standing in the school yard. I went up to see if it was the principal, but it turned out to be a rabbit. It had a rabbit's head and a human-like body, covered in pure white fur. Um."I called out, and the rabbit smiled. When the rabbit smiles, it also has dimples. I thought maybe we could talk, but the rabbit turned on its heel and went away. We passed under the grapevines and out the back gate.He closed the gate carefully and quietly. When I called the principal and went to the rabbit hutch with him, I found the overflowing rabbits stuck in the netting. The next morning, when all the students dug up the schoolyard, they found rabbit nests all over the schoolyard. They also found that the rabbit's nests had spread throughout the town. The overflowing rabbits had returned to their hometown breeding hut from the nests all over town.  


Tomoko Aida was not found after all. Instead, when the town's nests were filled with concrete, a rabbit was found mixed in with Tomoko Aida's bed. Tomoko Aida's mother decided to raise the rabbit.The number of rabbits increased to more than 1,000, but the principal managed to find foster parents for most of them, and most of them were given to foster families.The remaining one was taken care of by the principal.After the graduation ceremony, I saw the rabbit for the first time and she looked just like Tomoko Aida.I was wearing a beautiful dress that my mother had made me wear, but I went into the breeding house and stepped on the rabbit.I stepped on the rabbit. When I put my shoes with ribbons on the white fur and put my foot firmly on it, I heard the rabbit's body creak and it jerked its body and ran away. The sole of my foot felt warm to the touch of the creature.



2013(Contribution to Hideyuki Nagasawa's psychic paintings)

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