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Her body, was made for...


The works are based on two poems about the mother by feminist philosopher Luz Irigaray, and draws on several records and images of the mother.


Her body, was made for... Ⅰ




During the Nazi occupation of France, women who had relations with German soldiers or had children with them were called "Collaboration" and their heads were cut off and dragged around in public after the war. The images are taken from the photographs and displayed as if they were drawn from the reverse side of transparent paper and viewed from the front, in colors that are almost transparent. The paper is fixed as if hung or crucified.


Her body, was made for...Ⅲ

少女マンガにおいて脇役である母と、主役である娘たちのイメージを表裏に描き、 蜜蝋で閉じ込める。何度もそれを繰り返し、半透明の紙が生まれる。 光を透過する窓に展示すると、時間と共に見えるイメージが変化していく。

In shōjo manga, the mother is a supporting character. The images of the mother and the daughters, who are the main characters, are drawn on the front and back sides of the paper, which is then sealed with beeswax. The process is repeated many times to produce translucent paper. When displayed in a light-permeable window, the images change with time.

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