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表側 つまり見る人の居る『こちら側』から見ると 絵の具の一層目がいちばん近く 重なったレイヤーはどんどんと遠くなっていく。

キャンバスに絵の具をのせる時 イメージがするする表面を滑っていく 
『むこう側』  絵の中に入りたかった

はじめは 薄いフィルムの中に 絵を押し込めていた 
けれど 『表』と『裏』の少女の顔が乖離していくごとに だんだんと 自分が絵の中に居るような 鏡の世界に居るような気持ちになっていく 

どちらが表なのか裏なのか わたしは絵の中にいるのか 裏にいるのか 



The paintings are all painted from the back.

From the front, that is, from the viewer's 'this side', the first layer of paint is the closest, and the overlapping layers get further and further away from each other.

When you put paint on the canvas, the image glides across the surface. 
'The other side' I wanted to be inside the painting.

At first, I was trying to push the painting into the thin film. 
But as the faces of the girl on the front and the girl on the back diverge, I gradually feel as if I'm in the painting, as if I'm in a mirror world. 
Which is the front or the back? Am I in the picture or the back? Where am I?

The pictures are not only to be gazed at and the story read.
We are in the story and the picture is staring at us.


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